What I read today

Exodus 35-36; Psalm 43; Isaiah 43; Mark 15; 2 Corinthians 11

In Isaiah 43 God is speaking to the Jewish exiles around the world. However, he’s also talking to you and me today.

In verse 1 he says that he created us.  He formed us, and then he called us by name.  That’s right by name.  The creator of the universe knows your name and loves you!

In verse 5-7 he tells that we were created for God’s glory.  He formed us for that very purpose.  To show his glory!

In verse 18-21 Isaiah adds that we were designed and formed to declare God’s praise!

Finally, in verse 25 he promises that he will not remember our sins.  He’s taken them away!

So today remember that you were created by God the creator of the universe and he knows your name!  You were created for God’s glory and to praise his holy name!  Finally, even though we are sinful, God has chosen to forgive all of our sins!  You don’t get it much better than that!

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