What I read today

Exodus 33-34; Psalm 42; Isaiah 42; Mark 14; 2 Corinthians 10

Exodus 34 vs. 21 tells us that for 6 days we are to work on on the 7th we should rest.  Jesus, of course, would later remove the Sabbath requirements in the Gospels but I do have a question for you.

With everything that the world throws at us when do you make time to be with the Lord?  When do you find a quiet place and meditate on God’s word and pray?

It’s tough anymore, we are financially pushed just to survive in this world.

Our kids are busy, and we are going in 50 directions all day long.

That’s what makes it even more important to carve out that time when we can sit quietly and sit at the feet of Jesus and hear the good news that our savior has saved us!  A time to once more find out that the creator of the universe cares about us!

When can you carve out that time?

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