What I read today

Exodus 25-26; Psalm 38; Isaiah 38; Mark 10; 2 Corinthians 6

I came from a church that used 2 Corinthians 6 verses 14-16 to drive a wedge between our denomination and other Christians.  That seems to be common practice nowadays.  One church body says they’ve got the perfect interpretation of scripture and another says theirs is perfect.  In the end, Christians wind up fighting amongst themselves and not taking the gospel out to a hurting world.

The truth is there are a lot of things I see in our world that worry and frighten me.  Some of those ideas that scare me come from the very church that is supposed to be a beacon of hope.

When the church wastes time arguing about minor points of doctrine and becomes a self-imposed compound that fails to reach out to the people in their communities, then this verse is being misused.

When we divide ourselves into camps and throw stones at one another, we walk right into Satan’s trap and become the very hypocrites that unbelievers think we are.

This verse is telling us to avoid worshiping idols.  It tells us that we aren’t supposed to indulge in the pagan rituals that were so prevalent in Paul’s time.  Truthfully, we have a lot of those things going on today and we should rightly avoid them.

But our church today needs to come together and stand up as one to show the world that Jesus Christ is the risen savior.  We need to tell people that Jesus Christ is standing at the door of their hearts and he wants to save them and deliver them to spend eternity with the father in heaven.

We need to do that now!


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