What I read today

Exodus 19-20; Psalm 35; Isaiah 35; Mark 7; 2 Corinthians 3

Have you ever felt like you were totally unworthy?  Have you ever just sat and thought how in the world could God love a person like me?

When I read Isaiah 35, I think God is speaking about me.

The first two verses he’s not talking about the land he’s talking about our souls that are in the wilderness and dry land.

Verses 3 and 4 he’s talking about our week hands and feeble knees.  He knows who we are.  Yet in the last sentence of verse 4, he says in spite of this he’s coming to save us.

Then in verses 5 through 7 he tells us he’s not only going to save us he’s going to bless us by opening our eyes, and giving us ears so we can hear his holy spirit.  He’s going to give us hearts that want to praise him.  He’s going to lead us to waters in a dry land.

Then in verses 8 and 9 he tells us of a highway.  A highway that only God’s people can walk on.  A highway that even the most foolish among us cannot get lost on.  A highway where there won’t be any car accidents or bad weather or anything else that can cause us to be stopped.  But the redeemed will be there.  Not the perfect.  Not the super spiritual.  Not the holier than thou.  The redeemed.

Finally, in verse 10 Isaiah tells us that those who were ransomed shall return.  Ransomed, those that Jesus paid for.  Those that Jesus blood covered.  They shall return with singing, everlasting joy, and gladness.  Sorrow, pain, and disease will all be a thing of the past.

Our life today is going to be filled with trouble.  Isaiah 35 points us to a life in Heaven thanks to a savior who died for us.

What an incredible view of a life in heaven.

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