What I read today

Exodus 3-4; Psalm 27; Isaiah 27; Matthew 27;1 Corinthians 11

In Matthew 27:15-23 Pilate decides to offer the crowds a choice.  He can release the insurgent Barabas or the preacher Jesus.

Pilate was looking for a way to release Jesus.  So he gave the crowd a choice between a real serious criminal and a prophet who had done nothing wrong.  What could be easier?

Then the crowd chose Jesus…….

Pilate couldn’t believe his ears.  He’d thought he had a way out of this mess.  So he asked again.  Barabas or Jesus?

But the crowd chose Jesus………

We have a choice to make every single day.  How often do we choose something other than Jesus?

Do we go to church or do we sleep in?  Do we read our bible or do we watch the news?  Do we help our neighbor or simply keep walking and ignore them? Do we judge someone by the color of their skin or the accent of their voice or do we judge them as a child of God?

Every day we have choices.

Jesus had a choice that day also.  He could have called down a legion of angels and ended this madness.  But he chose the cross.  He could have simply walked through the crowd the way he did in his early ministry.  But he chose the cross.

When Jesus had a choice he chose you.

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