What I read today;

Genesis 47-48; Psalm 24; Matthew 24; 1 Corinthians 8

In Matthew 24 Jesus talks about the destruction of the Jewish Temple that would take place in 70 AD roughly 40 years after Jesus death on the cross.

The Jewish people had become incredibly proud of the temple.  The first temple was built around 957 BC.  It was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586.

The temple was reconstructed and completed in 515 BC.  Over the years it underwent a number of renovations including Herod the Greats renovations prior to Jesus birth.

It was supposed to stand as a beacon of hope.  In the end, it became more about the building than what the building was supposed to represent.

Sometimes we set up idols in our lives.  We may not mean to but we do.  Maybe it’s a Pastor, maybe it’s a church building, maybe it’s an author, maybe it’s our career or our possessions.

It’s probably happened to each and every one of us.  Unfortunately, we put those things ahead of our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus however, has a way of stripping us of those idols.  Just like he stripped the Jewish people of the temple when Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD, he strips us of those things that are important to us to force us to rely on him.  Maybe he takes that job away from us that was so important.  Maybe the house that we loved so much suddenly needs repairs, maybe we find out that the Pastor we thought was so important leaves to go to another church.

God uses those times to bring us back to him.  He takes those moments and points us back to what is really important.

Think about that when those times come and refocus on Jesus.  Focus on what’s truly important in life.

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