What I read today

Genesis 45 and 46; Psalm 23; Isaiah 23; Matthew 23; 1 Corinthians 7

There is a lot of worry and stress involved in living in the 21st century.  Our technology has made many of our workers obsolete.  Social media has brought out a new brand of cyberbullying.  Our kids face more and more pressure to succeed in school.  Our employers no longer believe that employees are valued assets but are simply lines on a spreadsheet.  On top of that, we have been at war for 17 years and we have seen terrorist attacks on our own soil and that of other western nations.

David had many of the same problems.  He spent his entire life fighting one war after another to secure the nation of Israel.  At one point his son Absolom would attempt a coup to remove David from his throne.  In all that he had to manage a nation that grew from very little to the superpower in the region.

Yet David could write the words of Psalm 23.

David relied on the fact that he was a redeemed child of God to get him through his life.  God called him a man after his own heart. David knew that God would get him through every trial and tribulation.  God would give him those moments of refreshing that he so desperately needed.

During the civil war battle of Bull Run General Stonewall Jackson was quoted as saying the following:

Capt. James Power Smith: General Jackson, how is it you remain so calm in the midst of battle?

Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson: Mr. Smith, my religious faith teaches me that God has already fixed the time of my death; therefore, I think not of it. I am as calm in battle as I would be in my own parlor. God will come for me in his own time.

Bullets were flying around Stonewall Jackson during the battle.  Yet Jackson remained calm.  Jackson knew that it was in God’s hands what happened to each one of us and in spite of living through a battle that took nearly 3500 lives he remained calm.

Thankfully most of us will not see a day like that in our lives.  But God’s promise still remains that he will see us through each and every individual battle that we are faced with!


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