What I read today

Genesis 41 and 42; Psalm 21; Isaiah 21; Matthew 21; 1 Corinthians 5

It had been years since Joseph had seen his brothers.  They didn’t recognize the boy they had sold into slavery.  He’d grown to be a man nearing 40 years old.  No way did they think when they sold him that he’d end up Prime Minister of Egypt when they sold him into slavery.

Then in Genesis 42 vs 21 and 22, we discover that the brothers had not forgotten what they’d done.  While Joseph was a slave and a prisoner and had lived with the consequences of the brothers’ actions the brothers were enduring a prison of their own.

They were in the prison of guilt and shame.

They had carried their guilt for nearly 20 years.  They replayed the pleas of Joseph not to sell him.  They lived with the grief they had caused their own father.  The weight of their guilt would weigh on them the rest of their lives even after Joseph had forgiven them and even after their father died.

Many of us carry regrets of things we’ve done.  Our guilt weighs on our shoulders and our minds.  We’d undo them if we could.  But each morning they are there staring at us in the mirror.  A relationship we messed up, something we did, a person we hurt, or maybe a bad decision that caused others pain.  The person we hurt may or may not have moved on but we are unable to forgive ourselves.

That guilt and shame weigh on our hearts and our souls each and every day.

It is that very guilt and shame that Jesus died to take away.  It is that very guilt and shame that he took upon himself for you and me.  It is that very guilt and shame that all the way back in the Garden of Eden God planned to fix.

Now when you look in the mirror you don’t have to look at the guilt.  You can look at a redeemed child of God whose savior loved him so much that he took all of his guilt and shame away.

When the guilt and shame of past sins come back at you, stare it down with the fact that you are a redeemed child of God.  You don’t have to carry that with you anymore because Jesus took that away!  We don’t have to live in that prison anymore!

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