What I read today

Genesis 35-36; Psalm 18; Isaiah 18; Matthew 18; 1 Corinthians 2

In Matthew 18 verses 21 to 22 Jesus talks about forgiveness.  He’s talked about forgiveness before but this time he’s talking about you and I forgiving others.

This is a difficult subject for us isn’t it?

Each one of us is capable of harboring resentment, anger, pain and heartbreak.  We hold onto those things and sometimes we wear them like a badge of honor.  We hold onto them for so long that deep inside of each of us they become so much a part of who we are that we simply don’t remember a time when we weren’t angry.

The problem is that when we refuse to forgive someone and hold onto that anger in our hearts we actually do more damage to ourselves than the person who did us wrong.  Heck most of the time they’ve moved on and don’t even remember what they did to us.

I have seen a couple of family situations where the anger and resentment has become so deep that both families are completely ripped apart.  People refuse to speak to one another and in the end relationships are completely destroyed.

But Jesus tells us to forgive.  He tells us that no matter how badly we are hurt we must forgive that person.

That’s really hard isn’t it?

Imagine the person who’s been sexually assaulted.  How does that person forgive?  How about the person whose career was ended because of false accusations, how does that person forgive?  I don’t know about you but that type of forgiveness is not going to be easy is it?

Yet, many times when we’ve been wronged, and life takes a dramatic change because of it, God’s hand is quietly working in the background.  Those times we’ve been hurt God is there providing each of us quiet comfort if we’ll let him.

Holding on to the anger and refusing to forgive won’t change what’s happened.  It will only serve to damage ourselves.  It doesn’t mean that we’ll ever trust that person again.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t be guarded in our actions around that person.  It does mean however, that we’ve moved on and won’t hold what that person did against them.

Forgive that person and leave the rest to Jesus.  He’s got big enough shoulders to handle whatever lift throws your way.

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