What I read today

Genesis 25-26; Psalm 13; Isaiah 13; Matthew 13; Romans 13

Different types of soils produce different types of results.  Living in numerous places around the country and overseas we’ve learned that each location has different types plants that will grow based on the climate and the soil types.

In Matthew 13 verses 18-23 Jesus talks about the people who hear the Gospel being soil.

The first soil that Jesus talks about is soil that’s on the path, soil that won’t take root.  Some people are not able to absorb the seed of God’s love into our souls.  They hear the Gospel but it never takes hold in their lives.  Like Pharaoh over time they become hardened to hearing about God’s love and when a strong wind comes along, their faith simply dies.

The second soil is seed that is thrown into the rocks.  For a while the seed will sprout and grow.  It will spring up and bloom looking like a full grown flower.  But the roots never get past the rocks.  Eventually, it withers and dies because the roots can’t take hold.

The third soil is the seed that is sown among the thorns.  Much like a believer who allows rocks of life to crowd out his joy in the Gospel seed sown here dies because of the cares of the world.  Work, family, finances, the pursuit of wealth and pleasure, drugs, alcohol, and others things of this world crowd out the gospel and ultimately the Gospel loses it’s place and withers and dies.

Lastly, the seed sown in the good soil is the seed that spends a lifetime focusing on the Gospel.  It is properly watered and fed.  The rocks and weeds are removed to ensure room for the seed to sprout.  The dirt is properly tilled and loosened and a fence is placed around it to prevent anyone from walking through it.  Just like that soil our relationship with Jesus needs to be watered with the word of life and fed by prayer and worship.  We must constantly water the garden in our souls with God’s promise of salvation and peace.

Is your faith life in need of some tilling and watering?



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