What I read today:

Genesis 17-18; Psalm 9; Isaiah 9; Matthew 9; Romans 9

There’s a woman walking behind Jesus.  She’s been bleeding for years. She can’t go to church because she’s unclean.  Her family, the rabbi’s and the priests won’t even look at her.  She’s ashamed, outcast and alone.

She’s found out about a special man who’s walking around Israel.  He’s healing people all over the country.  But she knows according to the law she can’t go see him.

So quietly she slips into the crowd unnoticed.  I wonder if she covered her face so that no one will see her.  She’s ashamed of who she is.

She slowly gets up behind him.  She reaches out.  She thinks, “If I can just touch the hem of his garment maybe I’ll be healed.”

Slowly and quietly she walks through the crowd and with a swipe she touches him.  She quickly turns to leave, hoping against hope that it worked.

But then suddenly, Jesus stops.  He turns and calls out, “Who touched me?”

His disciples are confused and can’t figure out why he’s making such a fuss.  I mean, the crowds are huge, everyone’s bumping into one another.  What in the world is Jesus doing?

Then trembling she walks through the crowd and drops to her knees.  With her eyes fixed on the ground, she tells her story.

She’s waiting for the rebuke.  She knows it’s coming.  She’s unclean, but she touched him, how could she have done such a thing?!

Instead, Jesus smiles and tells her, “your faith has healed you welcome to the kingdom my child, go your healed”

Imagine the joy.

Not only healed but now a child of God.

Where’s your joy in being a child of God!  Remember he’s touched you too!


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