What I read this morning

Genesis 15-16; Psalm 8; Isaiah 8; Matthew 8; Romans 8

Who will separate us from the love of Christ?

Paul lived in a time of intense persecution.  If you read the book of Acts, you’ll find that Paul was once known as Saul and was once a man who persecuted the church.  He even stood by and watched and approved of Stephen be executed by a Jewish mob.

Once Jesus took control of Paul’s life though he became the persecuted.  He was stoned, whipped, imprisoned numerous times, and shipwrecked among other things.

During his lifetime there was intense persecution of the new Christians by the Jewish people, the pagans living throughout Rome who saw Christianity as a religion that could cost them their livelihoods, and ultimately by the Roman government.

Yet in spite of everything Paul held to the fact that Nothing could separate the Christian from God’s love.  Our faith in God will ultimately lead us to our heavenly home to the arms of a waiting Jesus and while in this life we have the knowledge that Jesus is always there watching over each one of us.

What’s your trouble today?  Bills to pay, kids having problems, marriage a mess?  It doesn’t matter because Jesus love will always be there for each one of us through all the trials this life throws our way.  Fall into the loving arms of Jesus and hold firm to the fact that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us! Never!

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