This is what I read today:

Genesis 1 and 2, Psalm 1, Isaiah 1, Matthew 1, Romans 1

The first two chapters of the Bible set the table for everything that follows.

God was there before the creation of time, space, and earth.  Before he created all things everything was formless and void.  Empty.

Then God spoke.

His word is so powerful that in the next six days he created the sun, moon, skies, stars, vegetation, fish birds and animals.  Everything!

But then he created…..Us!

Not out of gold or silver.  But out of dust.  Nothing special.

Then he breathes life into each one of us.  He breathes his very spirit into us.  He creates us in his image.  All of us every man, woman, and child carry God’s image with them.

When your tempted to let life’s worries and concerns overwhelm you remember that you were created by God.  He loves you and gives you his spirit.  Nothing this world throws at you can overcome God’s love!



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